My father, Don Keeler, purchased this car several years ago in Pennsylvania. It's a 1925 Studebaker Standard 6 Duplex Phaeton. It sat in the garage until the summer of 2002, when I descided it was time to restore. It was in good condition, being restored once in its life. The first thing I did was to get it running again. After rebuilding the carb and vacuum tank, putting in a fresh battery, changing the oil, it was ready to try. Well the starter turned out to have a bad armatur. My father has been collecting Studebakers parts for 50 years, so I went straight to him and he had a dozen or so to pick from. I found a good one and got it running and took it down the road and made it back. The orginial black paint had been stripped and it had been painted green and then blue over that. I have taken it down to the bare metal once again. It does have a small transmission leak and it will need to be removed to fix. The upholstery is good but will need new side curtains.

My father purchased this 1924 Studebaker Light 6 Coupe in the late 1960's from someone in Wisconsin for about $400. At one time many years ago, someone cut the trunk out and made it into a pickup. It took my father several years to locate a parts car so he could get the trunk lid and the other parts that had been removed. As a teenager, I got it running and would drive it around the subdivison. It's been sitting until the summer of 2003 when I dragged it out and over into my garage. So my next project begins. I need a trunk lock and key for this car, if you can help please drop me a note.

Last Update 12/03/2010